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Jatin - Jasola Village Jasola New Delhi Delhi

From the past 4 Days, I have seen 3 sparrows in my balcony.
My room is on the second floor. I do not use my balcony at all.
It is all dirty in dust and I have not cleaned it from the past 3-4 weeks or may be more.
Now, I have come across that daily 3-4 sparrows come into my balcony and pick out pricks,straws and feathers and then they fly away.
I think they are building a nest somewhere,but I am unable to trace the location of their nest.
I have also clicked some photos of them while they were in my balcony.
That was such a lovely scene.
I am very happy that sparrows are visiting my balcony.

Jatin - A small Village (Jasola Village) Jasola New Delhi Delhi

Around 2008, There were a lot of sparrows in my area.
I used to wake up by the beautiful sound of these sparrows.
I saw these sparrows almost everywhere.
On my terrace, around every tree, flying around,playing beside the roads and I also had a nest of these sparrows in my balcony at that time.
Unfortunately, I can't see them now.
Now I see them occasionally and that too less in number.
But I have come across a new thing that the number of pigeons in my area has increased very fast.
I can see around 15-20 pigeons on my terrace boundary every time.
I am fed up of these pigeons. they just excrete all the time.
I would be thankful if I can tell you anything else that you might want to know.
Thanking you.

GOKUL - farm Tamil Nadu 637504 Tamil Nadu 637504

There were a lot of houses made of clay and palm leaves which gave shelter to them and sparrow call were our alarm clock. use to see them hopping around in our front yard.
it gives us so much of joy looking at them collecting grains, rice and feeding their chicks. I miss them now.

Shakir Najfi - dehri on sone Jakhi Bigha Dehri-on-sone Bihar 821307

Sparrows were so commonly found in our home that we treated them as a part of family. They too were never afraid of us. They used to build nest in ventilations, small holes etc. After 1993 there population started decreasing very drastically we did not even notice when did they disappear suddenly. Surprisingly there were no frequent dead bodies of them or their unhatched eggs. At present there are not a single sparrow in our locality.
I stayed at jamshedpur in 2007-09 where I was welcomed by heards of sparrows and it was such a feeling as I met my childhood friends.
now I live at Patna since 2015. There are considerable number of sparrows in our locality and they appear in our balcony frequently. My wife keeps leftover foods,grains and a water bowl on the terrace and balcony regularly. But sparrows get chance only after crows leave. However crows do not come to the balcony area..

sujith - oodaiyam therku thottam Tamil Nadu 638151 Tamil Nadu 638151

trere are some sparrows in our area which build nest in nearby
wells which was not used for agricultural it is a agricultural area, there are more trees for the birds which help them to get a natural our area not only sparrows but also many other birds can be seen.I invite all interested sparrow viewer to come to our locality for taking a bird watch.