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Somya Pandey - Shuturkhana Maqbool Ganj Ghasyari Mandi, Aminabad Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

During winter I used to go on my house roof and lay there for hours just to watch these beautiful sparrows. I loved watching sparrows which visited my house. I always wanted to be as close as I could to them. For that I covered myself with a bed sheet and lay still so that the birds could not notice me and come near. I lay still for hours. My mother used to scold me a lot for that. Those sparrows also used to nest in my house. I always get overwhelmed when I saw little baby sparrow leaning flying lessons.

But today, I barely see a sparrow in my house. I also did measures to rehabilitate them by planting lots of plants and keeping food for them. But I could not hear their chirping now. As barely a sparrow come to my house.

L K Bhatnagar - Village Satbari, New Delhi 110074 Ansal Villas, Sat Bari New Delhi Delhi

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Kiran Kumar A M - Madenuru Doddegowda well Anagondanahalli Karnataka 572201

in 1995 to 1999 there are more then 500 birds(house sparrow) i see and also i put rice and ragi, but 2010 to 2016 we see 20 to 50 birds once in bunch. because 1)water 2) pesticide spree for vegetable and all forming land. know also we are putting rice birds are came in early morning 6.30 to 10.30 came and eat and get for chikks after 4.30to 6.00 birds are waiting for me and my mother for rice, but know we see few birds ( 10 to 50 ) this year2016.

Anisur - Hatigaon Xijubari, Hatigaon Guwahati Assam

They were spreadin their numbers gradually

Rajaguru Jayaraj - East car street corner 623526 623526

I have seen nearly 25-30 sparrows in the junction of East car street and South Car street.