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samantha - India Peravurani Tamil Nadu

During my childhood days I used to watch many house sparrows chirping,hopping, flying and living around happily.But now a days I could hardly see house sparrows, I spent one year (2011) in Leuven, Belgium, there i could see many house sparrows. It is very sad to digest house sparrows are disappearing in our nativity.we need to know what are the reasons for this and how can we promote the livelihood of house sparrows.

Abhinav Sur - Survey Park Kali Mandir Kolkata West Bengal

Yes, i would like to share an interesting story about sparrows. Every morning at 6 am, I used to spread some rice grains in my front-yard garden and every morning quite a lot of sparrows used to come and devour on them. But, once or twice, I overslept and could not wake up at 6am, the sparrows came into my room and three to four of them were sitting on my bed and calling me. They know that it is me who give them food. One of them even came close to my ear and started chirping. That day, my father gave them the grains, but they did not eat. They only eat from my hands, only when they see me spreading the grains for them. I don't know whether they spy on me or not, but this is the truth.

P Jeganathan - Iyerpadi Parry Agro Group Office Iyerpadi Tamil Nadu

I moved to this place sometime in 2008 but till now I haven't seen House sparrows in this surrounding area. But last week I have seen pair of House Sparrows about 200 m away from the place I live. The place where I have seen is a old residential colony (Estate workers labor line) I have asked them how often they see House Sparrow and they said not very often and no nest seen by them. So I had to edit my observation here.

Arindam Roy - Classic Farms Sholinganallur Tamil Nadu

I am constructing a house in that area i see a lot of wild birds right from Cranes to parrots and migrational birds ,its surprising to see a lot other birds in that area specially as there is a lake near by, i see a lot of sparrows from time to time.There are very less houses there.and thats y i think they are still there.

Priya Singh - Town Hall area Pali Rajasthan

These sparrows would come to roost in the evenings on the bougainvillea plants planted on the divider in between a busy road in the town.