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Shamika - Salunke Vihar Road Pune Maharashtra

I typically observe sparrows and other regular birds like Crows and Pigeons from my balcony. They visit in pairs and spend some time on the window sill. Observed that, it is the other birds which scare them away occasionally. Though many number of sparrows are seen at ground level when i take a stroll outside.

Rutvij Oza - Sus Road Pashan Pune Maharashtra

It's as recent a development as less than 15 days since I noticed that some sparrows have built a nest just outside by balcony between the wall and an insulated pipe coming from the building's solar water heating system, so, I have started putting out some water and some crushed "mahabaleshwar chana" for them to have. There seem to be 2 couples having laid eggs and I believe that the babies should start flying soon. Now, the sparrows have started feeling comfortable around me and are now frequenting my balcony, hopefully for the water and the munch.

Anyway, I would like inputs from the organisers about what should be offered to them, to make their numbers grow around me & my locality.

kripa kamath - dp road ,Visava park Aundh Pune Maharashtra

about 5 yrs ago 2000 -2009 when i used to keep food on my window sill 5 to 10 birds would come to feed since last 2 yrs there are none One came a month ago all shrillved up but disappeared after 3/4 days.other birds not seen before are seen I dont know their names.
1985 -1990 In this period they used to enter house also and create a nuisance,now miss them

Sanjuktha M - MIG Flat, Dr. PT Rajan Salai, KK Nagar Ashok Nagar Chennai Tamil Nadu

There were two families of sparows which had built their nests in the wells of the houses behind my house. I would feed them everyday and they were regular visitos to my house. They would recogonize me. One male was caught by a small predatory bird, probably a falcon. Then the other male took over both the nests. After 2009, I haven't observed any sparrows in this area.

Aitham Ravindra - Gandhi nagar area gandhi nagar area Nuzvid Andhra Pradesh

on 25 march 2012 , I visited Nuzvid -Town of Krishna District , to meet a senior advocate Sri Vemuri Ramakrishna, I found a Sparrow coming in to the room through grills of the room ,when I asked about their presence in these days ,Sri Ramakrishna informed that Sparrows are visiting his house since long period , after coming out of the house I found a large number of birds may be around 30 to 40 roaming and chirping in the vicinity.