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M D Madhusudan - Gokulam Park Mysuru Karnataka

From the mid-1990s, sparrows completely disappeared from this area. Thereafter, I haven’t seen them.

Chelmala Srinivasulu - Medium sized residential colony with independent houses and apartments; next to Military Dairy Farm Satya Sai Enclave, Old Bowenpally Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh

House sparrows were in plenty here, there were acacia trees on which sparrows have been observed roosting in hundreds between 2006-2009; due to developmental activities, trees were cut down and sparrow numbers have been affected. These days less than 100 sparrows can be seen in a 2-hr survey in 2-km radius. Albeit, in a few areas sparrow nesting has been observed in apartments, old buildings, electrical and cable (distribution) boxes.

Asad R. Rahmani - Housing Society named Mehra Apartment Mehra Apartment, Ghatila Villlage Road, Chembur Mumbai Maharashtra

I see House Sparrow every day in my area. I have put up a nest box but they did not nest in it but chose electricity board, 3 m from my main house gate and every year raise 1-2 broods. I feed then bajra (Pennesitum seeds)which they enjoy very much. The nest box is occupied by Palm Squirrel to raise her brood of 2-3 young ones.

Amit - a residential place in Savarkar Nagar (Old name - Karvalo Nagar)r Karvalo Nagar, Thane West Thane Maharashtra

As our was a typical Chawl kind of Housing, the roof of the houses used to have tiles made up of Mud (Kawala) places over wooden frames. Such a roofing used to leave a lot of place of birds to nest in between. There used to at least a single nest at all times in the house. A well in the vicinity used to provide water to these birds. As people used clean Rice, Wheat and other food grains at home, sparrows used to feast on the broken grains thrown away. These days slowly that practice is giving way to clean packed grains. Even today sparrows are seen daily there but a change in house structures has left no place for these poor creatures to make nest.

Nagaraja Papanna - Lingarajpuram to Marathalhi Bangalore Karnataka

Six months back i was working with an NGO. it has all kinds plants,trees, and i was able to see birds regularly. it was beautiful place altogether and once it happened to be noticed one of my colleague noticed two sparrows on a stone where we were having our lunch at afternoon, it was rare site for me because i use to sparrow in my native place and that when i was small, once i left my native and came to Bangalore for work here after that i don't even remember the word called Sparrow and also know one remembers about them recently i changed my job to different place, and i am traveling now for about 40KM up down from my house to office, every day i carry my camera with me always search for a sparrow i am not able to see, hoping that i will be able to see one day. waiting for the day :). but i am happy to share good news with you all recently i been to MEKEDHATU and it is 100KM from Bangalore i was so happy to see the sparrows with groups, flying and jumping it was movement which i want to see. unfortunately that movement i didnt had camera with me it was with my colleague. but that was seen which i expected to see in bangalore.

Thanks for this opportunity
Nagaraja Papanna