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Arvind Joshi - P Block of Sectro 21 P-Block, Sector 21 NOIDA Uttar Pradesh

We live on the sixth floor in an apartment. My dad, after finishing his prayers in the morning, is in the habit of feeding birds and keeping a bowl of water for them. Earlier when I he stepped into the balcony, we'd have an equal number of sparrows and pigeons come in - and a few crows.

But now the crows and sparrows have disappeared. It appears there are only pigeons everywhere.

Even the park close by doesn't have any sparrows or crows.

Mohit Gupta - Crescent apartments Sector 50 NOIDA Uttar Pradesh

I see them daily. They visit my house in the mornings from 5 till ten. My brother started feeding them grains and water and now we do that daily.

Anjali - Main Market area Kalasipalam New Exte Bangalore Karnataka

Normally,they are seen around the market area and its a very ols building.

Dr. A.H. Manjunatha Reddy - Hayakal, Chitradurga Hayakal, Chitradurga Chitradurga Karnataka

I had observed the house sparrows in my village(Hayakal, Chitradurga Dist) very frequently. Near my house, I observed the nest also. I even observed these species around my village, which may be more than 1 sq km. Recently, ie in Feb 2012, there was no change in their number.

Archana - New Police Officers' Qrts. Naigaum Mumbai Maharashtra

On occasion of World Sparrow Day I happened to notice a nest being built by a sparrow!l Please check the links-
This one is for the video that shows a sparrow chirping away-