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Nitesh Shriyan - The Mangroves near Dahisar Link Road Mumbai Maharashtra

Initially sparrows were found close to my place which is about 800 mts from the place reported. However, now they are hardly spotted and are only to be seen in the areas close to the mangroves. There have been some new constructions and lot of encroachments close to the mangroves and this could effect the sparrows habitat. It is of utmost importance that we save the mangroves as it is home to a lot of species. Please do let me know if any specific information is required or if any survey needs to be done to gather additional information.

Balakrishnan - residential colony, ganapathy layout Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

7 years back there were lot of sparrows near my home,it was normal that we had sparrow nests in my home..daily morning it was sparrows and cuckoos which wakes me up..dont know what happened in recent years I havent seen single sparrow....

c_ravi - Srirampura Village, Jakkur Post, Bangalore 560 064 Bangalore Karnataka

People in the village often thresh grain and this spills out from their one-room granaries onto the road. Walking to office in the morning, I have often spotted sparrows pecking at the these grains. Mostly, I remember seeing a pair of sparrows at any given point of time.

Ashvin Rajagopalan - Ellanali Village Nilgiris Tamil Nadu

Although i did see several house sparrows all over the village they were not as many in number as 3 years ago.

Anand Kalinadhabhatla - Eturunagaram-Manuguru Road Warangal Andhra Pradesh

I noticed about about 50 House Sparrows while travelling from Eturunagaram to Manuguru. I do not remember the exact location but there were agriculture fields on either side of the Road in October 2011.