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Anand Kalinadhabhatla - Allwyn colony Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

A small tree in the thick residential area was roosting place about 50 House Sparrows. I noticed this in November 2010. I did not go there again but I guess its regular roosting place for the sparrows.

Anand Kalinadhabhatla - Sangareddi Old Town Sangareddy Andhra Pradesh

This was at my Grand Parent's house in Sangareddi (old Town). House Sparrows were seen here every time I visited the place during this period. They used to feed on Rice kept in Gunny sacks in the godown. They used to nest in roof of the house. Nest was built with long dry grass.

Rajani Vakkalanka - Nagarjuna colony,Residential colony Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

I visit my aunt who lives in this locality.Hers is an independent house with large mango trees.Sparrows visited her home to feed on grains and left over food that she gives them.I fixed a nest box in her home but the sparrows have not yet nested in the box.

Shweta - Ram nagar crossing Roorkee Uttarakhand

The time period that I'm talking about is when i was a kid and use to go to school. There used to be an adequate number of sparrows around at time. I could see them early in the morning, chirping around here and there! But, its been years now, since I've seen sparrows in this area. Now.. Not even a single sparrow can be seen here. Its really sad that they aren't here anymore. But, I wish if I could bring them back to this place.

Koustubh Sharma - Hinauta village, Panna Tiger Reserve Panna Madhya Pradesh

This rural area is close to the only functional diamond mine in India. Though there are several agricultural fields, open spaces and tropical dry forest, and single storey buildings.