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Anand Kalinadhabhatla - Techno Residency Apartment, Opposite Mindspace Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

This Apartment was built in 2005 in the out skirts of Hyderabad. I frequently visit this place and I find House Sparrows here every time I visit. They are usually seen on the sun shades of windows, feeding on the open area around the apartment or in the partking area pecking at the rear view mirrors of parked vehicles. As of Feb 2012 wildlife such as Grey Francolin and Indian Mongoose are sees frequently around this apartment.

Koustubh Sharma - DLF Colony, Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Visited a friend's parents' home in Ghaziabad that has a lot of garden space, compost pit and several plants within the house. Additionally, the birds are fed by the occupants regularly. The house also has a large garage and old style walls with holes in it that perhaps make space for sparrows to nest.

Soumya Banerjee - Milk Colony,Belgachia Kolkata West Bengal

I can hear them chirping as i write this. The locality clearly has a very large and healthy population of house sparrows that has remained stable over the past few years. However,the number of trees has gone down considerably,because the previously present green spaces have been taken over for building houses.The new housing complexes have no gardens/open spaces around them and very few sparrows are observed in such areas;the vast majority are seen in gardens/the few remaining green spaces. My house has a small attached garden where sparrows are frequently seen.

Rajani Vakkalanka - Radhakrishnanagar Municipal park, Attapur Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

We live in a gated community a home to almost 25 varieties of birds except sparrows.I love bird watching and many birds visit my home and feed them fruit, grain and fresh water and provided bushy trees for their nesting.Once I chanced upon sighting sparrows a few hundred feet away from our colony near this municipal park.Since then every morning my friend Ranjani and me visit this park and give these sparrows grains, left over rice and fresh water.We fixed up custom made cement bird feeders for them on the park wall.The sparrows are now familiar with us and come and feed on the food and water we provide.We also fixed nest boxes donated by Mr.Kirthi Mehta of Electric World,Ranigunj,Sec'bad and the sparrows started nesting in these boxes.Meanwhile we are talking to residents living close by to encourage them to get involved.We also put up slogan posters in a nearby Saibaba temple to create awareness in public to be bird friendly.There is an encouraging response from some of the residents.Our work is reported in a few local newspapers( EEnadu,Sakshi,Suryaa,Namaste Telangana,Andhrajyothi and Sakshi TV).I also observed sparrows in Gudimalkapur Market area in Mehdipatnam, Kukatpally and Champapet.

Helen Smith - Indu Fortune Fields Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

Sparrows nesting in an alcove above the front door - now on their second nesting this year.