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manjunath - kacham residence,gayatrinagar,jeedimetla village,rr district,hyderabad Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

Sparrow lives in my house balcony from last 3 years. initially we kept small box to create house, then sparrow built its own nest. Now 4generation is continuing, and comes in every room of the house.

P Jeganathan - Valparai near ATS Grocery (Kirana - Maligai) shop Valparai Tamil Nadu

I see House sparrows every time I go to ATS Grocery shop, sometimes even at very late in the evening (around 8 PM). They keep rice in open gunny sacks right in front of their shop and these birds come there to feed on them. Quite cute to watch

Sohan Dubey - Panchwati Colony(Layout), Manikonda, Hyderabad Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

Recently I sifted to this locality in Hyderabad, this area used to be a village in city outskirts, but now heavy construction is going on in this are because of its proximity to many SEZ where many MNC's have started their offices. The are is called Manikonda Village but now it is part of Greater Hyderabad. I am afraid that due to heavy construction and increase in traffic in this area, soon the Sparrow will disappear from here. I tried building couple of shelters and started feeding Sparrow, I am looking to co-ordinate with experienced people managing this cause, so that we can try to protect our dear Sparrow. Full story with pictures shall be available on my facebook page.

S K Balachander - ramanthapur village Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

this is a casual report of sparrow sighting at my granduncle's place at Ramanathapur village,at the peri-urban fringe of Ramanthapur.They were in 2-3 in number,nestled on trees,the low roof-tops and at the backyard of a semi-rural-urban house.There are a few shrubs,trees and shade and quietness at the backyard,with a lot of the sun.Sadly, residentialcomplexes are coming in,nearby,with a lot of noise and commotion.

Ushma Shukla - Residential complex Pune Maharashtra

They were normally here in the winter months. It would be a constant game with the sparrows shuttling towards the back of the house in the kitchen window where my mom's bird feeder is, then to the garden below in the complex where the insects would come up in the sun and then to the front of our house on the balcony railings. And finally got driven away when the pigeons/crows came.

Different birds visited the bird-feeder at different times - sparrows, munias, bulbuls, mynas, crows and pigeons.
I haven't been home for the last few winters so I don't know what has been happening in this time.