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Ashish Rai - Sector C-9 Vasant Kunj Delhi

In Vasant Kunj, and generally in Delhi, I have stopped seeing sparrows and swallows. Maybe pigeons are hardier, so have survived.

Many years back, we had hired a driver to drive us outside of Delhi to attend a function. While crossing Dhaula Kuan flyover, to my horror, the driver ran my car over a mynah hopping on the flyover!!! The fact that a mynah appeared from nowhere, onto the flyover, itself shows how much man has expanded into open spaces. While I winced at what had happened, the driver didn't even flinch. When I reprimanded him, he merely said, "uski kismat!" His 'kismat' will also catch up with him!

Where will all this mindless and insensitive development, where mass produced, lead to, when our biodiversity has less than halved in the last 40 years?!!?

On World Sparrow Day today, let us heed the chirping of the sparrow to remind ourselves that man's greed is killing us and we need to slow down and introspect on our actions in paving and concretising every space that nature has given us!

Hari Prakash J R - In my Home Garden BEL Layout 3rd Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura Bengaluru Karnataka

We used to see sparrow nests inside our house.

Rajaguru Jayaraj - Valluvar colony, valluvar colony Madurai Tamil Nadu

I used to see sparrows in this area before 6 months. But nothing is now. All gone.

Rajaguru Jayaraj - Kamaraj Nagar, Near S.Alangulam lake Pasupathi Nagar Madurai Tamil Nadu

Regarding question no.3 I have no other way to chose any other option. For the last 6 months I have been watching this area and the residents nearby are very interested in this and they have provided boxes to attract the sparrows and they live happily there.

Regarding question no.7. I used to go waling through this area at least once in a week.

Srinivasan - Kalkurichi Kariapatti Tamil Nadu

There were many sparrows before 5 years. But at present they do not appear. What is the reason I do not know. But I have given space in a small tree in front of my house. In this tree there is a nest built by sparrow. In this nest 2 sparrows are living with their 3 little sparrow birds.