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sandeep p - Sahyadri Nagara Devaraj Urs Layout Shivamogga Karnataka 577204

It's my home actually the sparrows are visiting. Even now one can see minimum 16-22 sparrows visiting my home.

ravikumar - Bagalure to malure main road Bagalure Hosur/Krishnagiri District TamilNadu 635124

When i saw a sparrows on this place at the time they have frequently roaming here and there and eat small rice and nuts from the road side shops. I am very happy to seen that sparrows because after long period i have to seen this sparrows in this place.

krishnamoorthy - rayapalayam village rayapalayam village madurai district Tamil Nadu 625706

in 80-88 period i.e my childhood i saw more than 1000 sparrows in my village. 2004-2008 period i saw the sparrow rarely in my village. but it is increasing. it may be 200 sparrows here. my parents are putting food and water daily. they are my chief guest.
thank you


sai venkatesh - Camp 2 , near harbour Thermal Quarters Camp 2 Tuticorin Tamil Nadu 628005

During my child hood,I have seen them making nest in our home. During schooldays I have seen them twittering pleasant songs. After my college days now I'm searching them and it's hard to find one. Our campus is the home for many spices birds, I still see woodpeckers, myna ,longtailed quil,crow ,crane and cucoo ., etc but I can't see sparrow . A month ago I heard them twittering in beach but its hard to spot them.
I love ? featheredfriends ,
Deep from my heart I don't want sparrow to get extinct

vijayaraghavan - mahalakshmi nagar chengalpet Mahalakshmi Nagar Chengalpattu Tamil Nadu 603101

Am always observing the house sparrows .once allowed the sparrows to built nest in my house and enjoyed their humming