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Baskar - Ecospace-Pritech IT park, Bellandur, Outer ring road,Bangalore Ecospace-Pritech IT park, Bellandur Bangalore Karnataka

July2014: Alomst every day I see around 20 to 30 sparrows visit the shops nearby ECOspace IT park (rear side) nearby a dry lake@ Bellandur, Outer ring road, Bangalore.They come in flocks and pick some food from the ground..They usually sit on the heaps of metal rods lying near the construction site. They stay for 5 to 10 mins and then fly away..

Somnath PaulChoudhury - Beside sarojini sangha playground, shivmandir Shivmandir Bagdogra / Darjeeling Bengal

This video is taken on 27th June 2014
see the video in Youtube

J.K.Yajnik - Karan Park, Astron Socity, Shree Colony, Parnkuti Society, Amin Road.. Karan Park Rajkot Gujarat

I do observe a couple that is male and female mostly everyday in and around my residence and I have put up
nest in my house but somehow sparrows are not visiting my
house nowadays. Previously one cople (male and female)
visited my back yard and front compound for a week or so
and also tried the nest by sitting inside it.
But after their frequent visit of the nest for two-three daysto they somehow stopped visiting even my house.
Please give me your suggestions for attracting the sparrows to build the nest or reside in the nest that i have fixed
for them.
Further, also tell me where can i get the nest that is marketed by Hirval Foundation.

Prasad Natarajan - Ragihalli Village Ragihalli village,Bannerghatta Outskirts Bangalore Karnataka

Sparrows feeding on grains at shops and old terracotta roof houses in the village. Not afraid of human existences. Mainly flying from one house to another, occasional movement to the near by field.Were present in group of 5-6 however many such groups early morning by 6.20 am. By noon one or two such groups only still present at shop entrance. Observed this activity on June 15th 2014 Sunday.

bharti - swrana jayanti park rohini rohini New Delhi Delhi 110085

while walking in the swarna jayanti park today i.e. 15.6.2014 I saw a pair of sparrows and felt elated as just five minutes back I asked the person cutting the grass about sparrows in the park and he said no he hadn't seen any in the park, and here I saw a pair. it was really awesome to make my day !