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Soumodeep - End Point Road Vidyaratna Nagar Manipal Karnataka

There is rapid development with modern architecture going over here. Lived in one of those new buildings. Never saw a sparrow. Never came across my mind. In the few remaining older buildings sometimes I get to see sparrows but no nests just flying across.

SHANMUKANATHAN - thirumudi nagar,annasalai,pondicherry M.G. Road Area Puducherry Tamil Nadu 605001

sparrows are were good birds to observe and they are very good to see wen they are in groups .i used to feed them when i used to feed my birds but nowadays they got reduced in numbers due to our comfort levels

siddharam hiremath - bapuji nagar residential colony Kudligi Karnataka 583135

house sparrows always visit to my house. because there are small garden. we put a cup of water and grains for sparrows. occasionally sparrows build nests in our house. we are so happy at this moment.

PRABAL SAIKIA - NAKARI Assam 787001 Assam 787001


Aparna Joshi - Chomu House Hathroi Jaipur Rajasthan

There was a sparrow's nest in our balcony. One of the male sparrows died due to the ceiling fan. We all cried for it. :(