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Satyesh Naik - Whole of Daily Market Road near Railway Station Daily Market Rourkela Odisha

This is one of the talked about thing in Rourkela where in Thousands of House Sparrows used to be seen lining on the wires on the Main Market Road. Invariably they come in and sit in the evening. Its a Ornitholosgists delight, I can say. I have never seen such a sight and conglomeration of thousands of House Sparrows anywhere in India. I invite BNHS to come over to Rourkela and record this phenomenon. They dont nest in the Market Buildings, but fly down from the near by Durgapur Hill ( to be confirmed). I can gurantee sighting of around 7000- 8000 sparrows within a hour. An absoulte splendid sight.

Satyesh Naik