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sanjay tripathi - Aradhana Enclave, Sector 13, RK Puram Mahatma Gandhi Marg, RamaKrishna Puram New Delhi Delhi

As I have mentioned that I have grown up with Sparrows, keeping them as pets, feeding them, some times even to an extent taking care of their chicks, even helping them to build nest. ( empty the window ledge so they can make a nest ). I did notice that in the recent past say, past 4 to 5 years the sparrows were less seen . But there is a very nice wooded garden with lots of trees and grass etc in the locality where I stay ( Aradhana Enclave in RK Puram Delhi ) Large numbers of Sparrow’s do visit and may be just stay there. I see tree’s full of sparrows there some times in the evenings. In the late afternoons I do see sparrows eating grass seeds. What I do is just listen to theirs chirps and take photographs ( this gives me a sense of peace and reduces a lot of stress ). I do plan to buy some wooden bird houses and place them in the trees to allow the sparrows to make nest. We do need to protect them. They are a part of our cultural heritage. Lots of things are being done to protect the Tiger but it seems to me that very little is being done to protect the Sparrow.