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Sajeev TK - DDA Janta Flats Pulpahladpur, Pulpehladpur New Delhi Delhi

This is our residential area. Here people feed the sparrows and they stay there. There are no nest boxes here but there are spaces between the houses where sparrows are nesting at the moment there are 5 nesting pairs around.

Sajeev TK - Asola part of Asola Bhatti WLS South Delhi Delhi

This is the area around the Department Building and eve while I am writing I can hear sparrows outside my office. I have put up nest boxes and they are using them. If you take a walk inside the sanctuary you can see them feeding on the ground, bushes and neighbouring trees. They are usually seen resting on the dense thorny bushes. When you go near them they will go into the bush only if you go very close they will go away from the bush.