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Suhel Quader - Poombugar Nagar, Edayarpalayam This area is located at 1km from Thadagam road towards Mettuppalayam road in Coimbatore. Coimbatore Tamil Nadu


Suhel Quader - Pujarivaripalli village Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

People here have a belief that sparrows are auspicious. One family had just built a pukka house, with screen mesh over the windows. But they had carefully cut out a hole in the middle of one window so that a family of sparrows could fly in to their nest (in a box hanging from the middle of the ceiling).

Suhel Quader - Kaiwara Cross Kolar Karnataka

The people here have a belief that sparrows are auspicious, and so they put out nestboxes and food and water for the birds. There are a large number of sparrows, hopping fearlessly around, eating crumbs from underneath people's feet.

Suhel Quader - Entrance to Canara Bank Layout Bangalore Karnataka

This is a narrow road with a couple of general stores on one side. There used to be a handful of sparrows hanging about just outside these shops whenever I passed by.