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sathya vijayagopalan - cox town near food world Cox Town Bangalore Karnataka

placing bowls of water some grains and cooked food is a regular feature at home where all family members actively take part. sparrows in our area lived in the nests they had built in the nandyavattam shrub with white flowers. however they often shifted places but were regular visitors to feed. they raised a hue and cry if there was no water or food. we saw about four generations of young ones being raised. however at any given time there were just about two or three families. thes sparrows shared space with crows, mynahs, squirrels and more seasonal birds. my articles on sparrows the sparrow and the sorrow appeared on april 4th 2010 and also sorrow over sparrow appeared on mar 17 this year. i have also written a couple of stories on sparrows and hope to see it published in a daily soon.
while i was of the opinion that sparrows were scared of fast moving vehicles i got to see them near the flyovers. these flyovers have tiny holes on the sides. the traffic is fast and heavy and vehicles just whizz past. all the same the sparrows, mynahs, crows parrots and some more small birds were all nested in the holes...!!! glad they have got over their fear of the traffic