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Sagar Shirguppi - R K Nagar Residential Colony Ratnappa Kumbhar Nagar Kolhapur Maharashtra

This was my childhood and of course the happiest time of my life.
The locality I lived was outskirt of the city but it was almost like an empty baron land with not many big trees but lot of grass.
There were so many birds around, especially sparrows. I would enjoy seeing them in front of my house, jumping, making sounds and even bathing in the collected rain water on the road or in the yard.
Many a times, sparrows used to build a nest inside our house behind one of the hanging wall photograph and I would say they were very much bold and any no of times I would shoo them away, they used to come back.
It's very sad that I don't see them any more. Whenever I visit my native, I look for these small friends but ..... i don't know what happened to them and why they are vanishing.