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Shantanu Roy Biswas - 'Dakshinayan Appts.' Plot No.19, Sector-4,Dwarka, New Delhi Sector 4 Dwarka, Dwarka New Delhi Delhi

The locality I am describing is the biggest housing complex in Dwarka where I reside since 2002. Initially there were sparrows all around, but gradually there numbers declined and the numbers of Pegions increased many fold and so did the number of squirrals. At present a large number of Sterlings are also nesting in the complex and are very aggresive to the extent of attacking the squirrals viciously. As per my reading, it is possible that the squirrals either eat or destroy the eggs & nesting places because of this there is the conflict. The Sparrows being much smaller birds could not bear this onslaught. There are not Mobile towers either in my society or around it.