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Sumohini - Model Town III Gopal Nagar New Delhi Delhi

This is wondrously amazing!

On April 2, 2012, I saw a sigle male sparrow after two years... and the number has been increasing steadily since... I see more and more sparrows in the guava tree outside.

Today, on April 26, I saw many sparrows in many places...
even on the road... piciking food grains out of the cowdung!

I still have to spot a nest though...
The moment I see one, I shall report.

I really thank Ishvara for this blessing!

Sumohini - Arsha vidya gurukulam Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

The only sad observation is that I did not see a single sparrow, although there are a lot of other birds in the area.

Sumohini - Model Town III Gopal Nagar New Delhi Delhi

After two years, on April 2, 2012, in my sleep, I felt I heard the chirping of a sparrow...
I jumped out of the bed, and behold!
I saw ONE MALE SPARROW sitting on the guava tree outside and chirping.
Really hope that I shall be seeing more of them in future!
I miss them so much!

Sumohini - Model Town III Gopal Nagar New Delhi Delhi

Every day we woke up to the sweet chirping of hundreds of birds in the trees out side our house. Out father used to say that the first thing in the morning they are chanting Ishvara's name!

They nested virtually everywhere: tree branches, between the glass pane and grill of the old-style ventilators, even the upper cups of fans!
Since the atmosphere was cool, there was no need for coolers or fans, so the doors and windows were lefe open for cross ventilation. Even the pollution was not there.

Alas! No more...