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Srinivasan - Thakur Complex Thakur Complex Mumbai Suburban Maharashtra

I get up early remove the corn from fridge, spread them in the balcony. I also offer bajra. The first to arrive is Sparrow. After half an hour parrot and pigieon will arrive. While parrot and sparrow remove the skin of corn, pigieon does not remove. Before we take lunch we offer cooked rice mixed with dal and ghee and keep the same in a plate. The sparrows only will eat and the plate will get emptied only in the evening. They drink water kept below the plant pots. It is nice watching them eat corn and rice. Sometimes if I wake up late and the corn is getting delayed, I can feel that the sparrows are waiting. Sometimes due to late feeding the corn would be damn cool and the sparrows may not be able to eat. Sparrows will wait for the corn to reach normal temperature. It is not sparrows and pigeons but we are getting the parrots everyday.