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Sargunakumar - Purasaiwalakm in Muthu street present name and old name Muthu Muthali street. Perumalpet, Purasavakkam Chennai Tamil Nadu

During the said period i was living in my grand mothers home, i was less than 10 years old. Almost every house have a sparrow nest and lot of birds used to fly every where. The nest are even built inside the living room on the ceiling which used to be Madras terrace those days with wooden beams. In between 2 beams some kind of bar used to be there to hang fans, lights and so on. This place was used by sparrows to built the nest. Also the elders used to scare so much to remove the nest with the belief if they disturb the nest then the family will be split as well, also they believed that this is a good sign of family to begin like if the sparrow starts building nest that family will get into marriage to the eligible members in the family and getting conceived like that.
The only enemy to the sparrows those days was cat, crow and narikuravas all of them hunt this for food.
Also i have seen sparrows in almost all the tiled houses and due to the tiles it got enough space to build the nest.
I worked in Iran for the last 4 years in a place called Kish which is very hot and moderately cold during winter due to desert climates but i have seen lot of sparrows every where which used to remind me of my younger days.
Even those days when the construct new houses they used to provide one narrow hole on the wall where sparrows, and green parrots used to nest.
For the food i never remember of any one feeding them but it feeds on its own mostly the food used to be taken from roof tops or kept under sun light for drying.
Recently i watch some birds or taking rest under the new metro rail construction because it is tall pillars and very good shade and have enough room between the pillar top to the other structure comes on top if this place is properly monitored and provide with small ply woods with narrow holes it may increase the population other wise it will be hunted by crows.