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Sabapathi.M.P - N.kumarapalayam, Nanjiyampalayam Nanjayampalayam Tirupur Tamil Nadu

My in-laws are living in a village, and whenever I visited them, infront of their house there is a electric post on which and in the proximity of it I see these little wonders chirping and hopping around unmindful of their status as a bird that got reduced in population.

Sabapathi.M.P - Barathi Nagar Main Road Ramanathapuram Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Like you I too was disturbed about the disappearance of sparrows and was in the look out for them when I found them near my place...a couple of them chirping around... not knowing that they are the only remnants of whole colony that existed in this area...

Sabapathi.M.P - Barathi Nagar-80 feet Road Junction Ramanathapuram Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

1992- I was a TV Programme producer in Delhi and visited my house for my sisters Marriage. A couple of sparrows had built a nest and living for along time in our kitchen. While whitewashing the painter did away with the nest and the fleglings, and that was the last time the birds had built the nest in our house.
Our house area was converted into residential area from farmlands and so I was wondering where had all sparrows gone and by luck I sae three sparrows- one male and two females flying and tweeting around a grocery shop at the corner of a road junction
And the birds are still there...only three...