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sunil kher - at above address Dwarka Nashik Maharashtra

When I constructed bunglow an out let for water was kept for terrace.A couple of sparrow was living there.We used to feed them chapati when they call us in kitchen when my wife was preparing the same.Sparrow couple use to share their joy with us when they got issue.They attract our attention when we were outside.We amused with their living.We kept the same outlet as it is when we constructed another floor.We observed that last 27 years sparrow couple lives there.Some period of the year about three months they are away from nest.But whenever they come back they attract our attention about their arrival.We keep food for them and ample water is made available for birds.
Other than sparrows small birds call on us early in the morning for their bath.I used to spray water on tree and these small birds wash their fearther in the spray water.I used water sparying for 20 minutes as several small birds geting wet in it.There are some sprow like birds used to get bath,robin,maina are also there.
Vegeterian bats are visiting our BAHAVA tree for food at Naight.There are eight to ten bats.Parrots having nest in the next bunglow and we see there activities.We keep fruits on tree for them.
Bees are ample and I observed that when bees construct their honey comb on amla/other trees we are getting bumper fruits in the season.
Humming birds construct beautiful nest on Kamini tree where it is difficult to trace the same,as the nest is just like kamini flower bunch.Same white small pieces of paper are affixed on the nest.
As mango,coconut,bitle nut,kamini,sonchaphs,amla trees are near by the bunglow,lotus tanks,and small plant along with lawn has kept the temperature of house l degree less than out side.Outside plants gives us eye soothing view and make us to live in the house.We realy thanks to nature who gave us so much without expecting from us.