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S TEJDEEP - ashok nagar residential area Ashok Nagar Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

recently, a month ago, i saw 2 sparrows in my balcony in the early morning hours. i was quite elated to see them, because its after a long time i saw them(probably in 1995/96 i saw sparrows in my grandpa's village, with lot of nests and their chirping sounds).

i was closely observing them from a distance, and i hope they were probably searching diligently for some nuts or so. i enjoyed their presence, but this joy didn't last long. after 5 min. or so were flew.

however, 2 weeks ago or so, when i was going to a temple in the early morning at 6' o clock, on the way near to my place i found some sparrows chirping. this time there were some 3/4 i hope, and do think there was a nest.

however, a sad thing to be noted is that: yesterday i noticed some sort of demolition of a building near that place, and the construction activities started. so, i was bit worried about the fate of those little lovely creatures.