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Seema katiyar - Viram Khand -2 Shops Gomti Nagar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

I have been regularly putting out water and bird feed for past many year. also ,,,all the kitchen bio -degrdadable waste , like fruit and vegetable peels go into the pots on my terrace garden. consequently the soil is rich with insects. further , there is nobody in the house during the day time,,, so the birds do not feel THREATENED.I get a variety of avian visitors all through the day,,,like Mynah...Indian Magpie, Bulbul, crows and of course HOSE sPARROWS.For Past two years I have been sharing my BEDROOM wITH THEM ,,for they have made a nest in the VENTILATOR of my Bedroom amd NOW for the third time,,,,chicks are chirping!!!!There are two other nests too in my house.