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sadiya - a garage near panigate,an urban slum Yakutpura Vadodara Gujarat

on the morning of 14th august,at 9:15 am i went to a garage in panigate to get my activa repaired.what i observed that there were two trees in front of the garage,a rare sight in a place as congested as the old city area!! my activa was repaired and i reversed to leave.on my way out, i had to apply brakes suddenly as there were 2 sparrows on the of these sparrows was a baby bird,yery stubborn baby sparrow not ready to move!!! while i drove away , i saw another tree a few metres away from where i saw these birds, however i did not stop to look for any maid lives there,she happened to tell me once about a survey being done in her area regarding a mobie tower in their locality and its ill effects on them....its kind of an urban slum.. i happen to live naround 100 metres from this place where i saw the sparrows, but i haven't seen a single sparrow in so many years in my area..a few years ago,there used to be a tree in front of my house and one could hear chirping of birds daylong..some sparrows even paid me occassional visits in my room!! however that tree was cut a few years ago and ever since no sparrows are in sight anymore! i am no expert of birds, but , just wanted to help by giving this very little and possibly trivial piece of information ..thank you!