Shakir Najfi - dehri on sone Jakhi Bigha Dehri-on-sone Bihar 821307

Sparrows were so commonly found in our home that we treated them as a part of family. They too were never afraid of us. They used to build nest in ventilations, small holes etc. After 1993 there population started decreasing very drastically we did not even notice when did they disappear suddenly. Surprisingly there were no frequent dead bodies of them or their unhatched eggs. At present there are not a single sparrow in our locality.
I stayed at jamshedpur in 2007-09 where I was welcomed by heards of sparrows and it was such a feeling as I met my childhood friends.
now I live at Patna since 2015. There are considerable number of sparrows in our locality and they appear in our balcony frequently. My wife keeps leftover foods,grains and a water bowl on the terrace and balcony regularly. But sparrows get chance only after crows leave. However crows do not come to the balcony area..