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Koustubh Sharma - South TT Nagar Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

We lived in a government quarter made of old style architecture with small openings for light (roshandaan) between window and ceiling level, and large electric fixtures. Sparrows used to regularly nest in the small window openings, behind electric meters as well as cavities in the wall. The area had a good amount of vegetation as well and with small lawns most people had the luxury of drying grains and other food items in the open.

Sreekar - Erramanzil Colony Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

During this period, there were few apartments, most of the houses were double storied with backyards.

Sreekar - Erramanzil Colony Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

I have been residing in the locality since early 90's. I would correlate the decrease in sparrow numbers to the change in architecture. Now I see sparrows in areas where the architecture of the residential areas did not change since 1990.

Narayan Raman - Bangalore International Airport Eating Area 1st Floor Bangalore Karnataka

If you have been to the Bangalore International Airport and eaten on the first floor, you cannot miss them. You go buy your idli, finish it, and leave the plates on the table.

Within seconds a small party of chirping sparrows would visit your table, peck away at the left overs and be very comfortable hopping all around and under your table while you sit and watch them at arms length.

Kids love them, photographers love them and the eateries let them be. It really adds a nice natural touch to an otherwise huge man made structure (it's an airport after all!).

And no, they are not partial to just idlis!

Suhel Quader - Entrance to Canara Bank Layout Bangalore Karnataka

This is a narrow road with a couple of general stores on one side. There used to be a handful of sparrows hanging about just outside these shops whenever I passed by.