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sravan kumar railla - Bhavani colony- residential Telangana

Reportingfor the period 2013-2016

sravan kumar railla - Bhavani colony- Residential Telangana

For the time period 2013-16

Karthik Athreyas - Mathru Layout Mathru Layout Bengaluru Karnataka

Well they were out daily guests at home. I have a fairly large number with active nest I remember to see at least 2-3 generations of sparrows. This was mainly between 1999-2006. From 2003 we started to observer the decline in number. I remember we used to(naturally) switch off the fans when they entered the house. The layout then was not thickly populated when we lived there. before the layout was formed there used to lot of Vultures too. As the layout progressed with lot of houses and cutting down of bushes led to disappearance of Sparrows in this layout. I have seen a lot of sparrows in Melbourne city. so I honestly doubt its because of GSM radiation its mainly because of disappearance of bushes and shrubs in the city. Even today when I go to my village I do get to see a lot of sparrows( Shapur,Kolar, Karnataka). These days everybody is after money especially the real estate builders. Disappearance of sparrows is mainly due to urbanization,disappearance of bushes and shrubs and pollution

Rajaguru Jayaraj - Meenakshi temple Kilapungudi Tamil Nadu 630552

I have just visited the Temple on 19th Feb 2016 and saw few house sparrows. Local people say that they are seen daily.

Somya Pandey - Shuturkhana Maqbool Ganj Ghasyari Mandi, Aminabad Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

During winter I used to go on my house roof and lay there for hours just to watch these beautiful sparrows. I loved watching sparrows which visited my house. I always wanted to be as close as I could to them. For that I covered myself with a bed sheet and lay still so that the birds could not notice me and come near. I lay still for hours. My mother used to scold me a lot for that. Those sparrows also used to nest in my house. I always get overwhelmed when I saw little baby sparrow leaning flying lessons.

But today, I barely see a sparrow in my house. I also did measures to rehabilitate them by planting lots of plants and keeping food for them. But I could not hear their chirping now. As barely a sparrow come to my house.