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Jebin Thomas Mathews - Padappai Padappai Tamil Nadu

The Sparrows used to built nest in the corners of our house and lay eggs too. After hatching, the parent sparrows go around and bring food the young ones. After certain days the small ones come out of their nest and fly away. Then the parent sparrows leave the place and return to begin the same process.. But now it is too difficult spot one.

Jebin Thomas Mathews - Kurinji Nagar Kurinji Nagar, Perungudi Chennai Tamil Nadu

During my childhood, a few built nest and lived with us.They built nest in the corner of the ceiling supported by wooden plank. They made us glad and rarely they were hit by the ceiling fan. We used to bury the dead, fixing a cross on the mound. i personally miss them ; now occasionally seen nearby my residence. protecting them from extinction is crucial.

Jebin Thomas Mathews - Elim Nagar, Perungudi Elim Nagar, Perungudi Chennai Tamil Nadu

Almost during that time of year, sparrows used to come everyday and standby on the cloth wire for at least some time, if not disturbed. But, rather now, it is not at all to be seen. Recently one came in but after that never saw one.