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pradeep jain - post office ketkibari -pin code784154 Tezpur Assam

I have lived here for 50 years, we used have abundance of them along with variety of birds, My huse itseld has many threes and when we were studing the birds used to make hanging nests on cocnut tree, sparrow made so many nests in our verandha roof.........till 5 years back we had two/three sparrow nests and this last 4 years they have pracitally vanished........along with one species of bidr which were similar to sparrow and they frequenty built 6 nests in my verandha, i give bajra everyday and we has also bulbul coming, crows, all of them have just vanished.....what to do, i like their presence and chripping, my house is surrounded with village which is nearly a mini forest but with so much residentail activity, greenery is also vanishing, I am told with these telepohone towers radiations sparrows are dying