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Pratishtha Bhatnagar - Coal estate colony, Civil Lines Civil Lines Nagpur Maharashtra

Lately, I have also been wondering that where these little creatures have vanished, who used to hop around with me when I was a kid. I vividly remember the pair of birds sitting and chirping at the kitchen window at my Nani's (grandmother) place in Bhopal. They also used to make their nests on the electric main switch or the empty cartons (their favorite place, I think!) and then the constant unstoppable chirping of the chicks made our games and play more fun. My Nani also used to keep aside two three bowls full of water especially for the birds and my Nanaji used to feed them chapatis prepared especially for the cows and birds. Food leftovers were also kept aside for them. And I always used to wonder that, "Ohh god, there are so many sparrows, they just don't leave you alone!"
And its this day, when I just can't spot a single sparrow in my locality and in my city. What's more surprising is that the locality in which I am residing presently is the greenest patch on the map of the city (Nagpur) and is near to a small forest area under the Forest Department. There are innumerable trees on which sparrows can dwell but still I haven't been able to see a sparrow. I find it rather strange than just surprising.
This thought rests in my mind and today I came across this initiative: Citizen Sparrow and I thought that probably the whole world is amused that where these birds have disappeared. I hope this small account that I have given of my childhood memories of which these little birds were a part can evoke the question in other's minds too. Where are the sparrows??