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Belinda Wright - Sultanpur Estate Sultanpur New Delhi Delhi

There are a large number of sparrows that frequent our garden - sometimes they number about 80 individuals, although usually there are about 40 of them. More sparrows seem to come to feed when there are no other birds around, such as mynahs and pigeons. A few of them nest around the house, although so far they have ignored the nest boxes we have put up.

We feed the sparrows a mixture of 1:1 'kutki' rice and bajra. They also like roughly ground maize. However, they do not like larger grained rice, wheat or 'poowa'. After feeding, the sparrows appear to pull up grass roots and then poke their beaks in the soil. They are also constantly drinking water and bathing (often in groups) in the large bird bath. It is important to put a rock in the middle of a bird bath so that they can reach the water easily for bathing. They also prefer a bird bath that is at least 2ft from the ground.