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praveen chopra - self Kanpur Nagar Uttar Pradesh

The Sparrows were seen infrequently during the period prior to 2010-12. Being a water front the Ganga barage started attracting city tourist and alongwith it came a hoard of vendors selling snacks like ground nuts, namkeens, tea stalls etc. The scraps of food articles thrown saw an increase in the number of sparrows scavenging on them. At times we have seen a flock of over 200 sparrows roosting on the thick shrubs and bogunvillae planted by the Irrigation dept. Regretfully we have yet to see the nestings in the area.

praveen chopra - Lala Amba Prasad Smarak Chikitsalaya, Civil lines, Kanpur Civil Lines Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

Initially, to start with we seldom spotted sparrows in this location except for an odd one. Later to attract the sparrows we put up a feeding tray and a water tray, and started filling it regularly with Kakoon seeds.Slowly and gradually the number of birds visiting the site started increasing and the number has now grown upto 30 approx. The Sparrows now visit us daily, both during the mornings and evenings and hopefully shall continue to visit us in the days to come. Regretfully we have yet to spot the nests in our location.