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Jai Singh - Tanda Road Jalandhar Punjab

I visited Devi Talab Mandir, Jalandhar city during 2010 and i saw a couple of sparrows.

It was a place of worship and food was in plenty. Some people had spread grain seeds for the birds to eat. One again i saw them chirping around wash room which had some crevices. They were probably looking for nesting.

Jai Singh - Mayfield Garden Sector 50 Gurgaon Haryana

I visited Gurgaon recently in 2012 and i found 2 pairs. There was a vacant bungalow and was unkempt. A tree was their resting point. I took a few pics of them as well.

Jai Singh - Sector 27D along Sukhna Path Sector 27D near Sector 27-19-20-30 Roundabout Sector 27 Chandigarh

Sparrows were very common behind our house which is adjacent to Sukhna Path. On Sukhna Path Roadside there were only Tamarind Trees. The morning was full with their chippings and it was very sweet to the ears. They also announced the arrival of the morning.

They often used to nest in our house and neighbours houses as well. They loved small spaces and i often saw them feeding their chicks.

I also observed Shikra hunting them behind our house where a tamarind tree was located.

People used to have Hedges along the boundary of their houses which in my opinion was a safe place for them whenever a predator was around. I often used to see them dash for these hedges whenever there was danger. People don't keep hedges any more. Very few people keep them now.

The old building had cracks in them which was suitable nesting grounds for them. People have renovated their houses now so there is less space to nest. People have structured their houses so that no animal can enter inside.

I do see a few in an area with thick bush and old styled houses in our sector. We had installed an AC and there was a pair which tried to nest under it. I narrowed the space under AC so that only they could enter but Brahminy Mynas and Common Mynas would try to occupy them. There was competition so the sparrows left the place.

I see an increase in number of Jungle Babblers followed by Pigeons and Common Myna.

In my opinion their numbers dwindled because of:

Loss of habitat in terms of small bushes and hedges along with absence of crevices and small places. Hedges protected them from predators as well.

Competition from other common birds who were apt at making small holes their homes. No nesting place, decrease in population. Mynas are very feisty and they will dislodge other birds nest.

Predator like Shikra also put a dent on their population.

I am not sure which of these is the one or all.

I hope my information helps you.

I am willing to offer my Help whenever possible.