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V. Santharam - Jeth Nagar, Mandaivelli, Chennai Mandavelli Chennai Tamil Nadu

Birds used to nest in our house above the ceiling fan and other such areas.

V. Santharam - Village on the outskirts of Chintamani town Chikkaballapur Karnataka

Seen from a moving Vehicle. I am giving these observations to stress the point that there are several villages which still seem to have populations of House Sparrows.

V. Santharam - Nandagudi, Hoskote-Chintamani Road Bengaluru Rural Karnataka

Seen from a moving vehicle.

V. Santharam - Bengaluru International Airport Bengaluru International Airport BIAL Rd Karnataka

Seen foraging at the lounge inside the airport complex.

V. Santharam - Vijayapura (outskirts) Vijayapura Karnataka

Seen from a moving vehicle.