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V. Santharam - Adyar Estuary MRC Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram Chennai Tamil Nadu

This area is now a residential area with several high rise buildings and five-star hotels. I am not sure if the sparrows continue to be seen here these days.
Earlier this used to be a quiet open meadow with a lot of bird life and several interesting birds were recorded here including the Desert Wheatear, a new record for Chennai.

V. Santharam - YMCA, Yelagiri YMCA Elagiri Hills Tamil Nadu

Seen carrying nesting material.

V. Santharam - Ponda and neighbourhood Near Ponda North Goa Goa

This record is based on several sightings over a large area on the outskirts of Ponda town, mostly around the Ramanathi temple and other temples.

V. Santharam - Sirumalai Sirumalai Dindigul Tamil Nadu

We had surveyed this area from 2006-8 and made several visits during this period and surprisingly no sparrows were observed on the hills, though present in the viallges at the foothills.

V. Santharam - Kanthkot Kanthkot Gujarat

I also observed sparrows in several localities in Kutch including at Bhuj, near Chaari Dhand, Pingaleshwar,villages outside Bhuj, Bachau etc in good numbers. I do not have all the details.