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V. Santharam - Foreshore Estate or Pattinampakkam S Leith Casle St, Foreshore Estate Chennai Tamil Nadu

I had lived here in this locality since 1975 until I shifted to Rishi Valley in 1998. I have continued to visit my parents living here even after this. The birds used to visit our houses and look out for possible nesting sites. The residential flats that were present here have recently been demolished (a couple of years ago). Yet a few birds seem to thrive in the neighbourhood, foraging in the open areas and possibly nesting in the old bungalows and residences nearby. I have seen them foraging in and around some provision stores where food grains were kept in open sacks.

V. Santharam - Rishi Valley School Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

I was informed by older residents of the Campus that the House Sparrow used to be a common bird seen in the school campus, often entering residences and nesting there. Even now, one can see birds just outside the school campus in the nearby villages where the birds are reasonably common and found breeding. In the past few years, the school buildings have been provided with mesh doors and windows to keep out mosquitoes and creepy crawlies and this also seems to have prevented sparrows from coming in. In my 14 years' stay at Rishi Valley, I have seen a sparrow just once in the school campus!