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Kalpana Thakkar - Vakola Mumbai Maharashtra

I see a large number of sparrows in this area. But not in large flocks,I see them at the higher levels, flying from trees to buildings from about the second floor and above.The area is around the residential, market place and main road.I assume in total there would be 50 to 100 birds in this entire area.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential area Ghatkopar west Mumbai Suburban Maharashtra

The sparrows were seen mostly in the trees sometimes flying into the buildings

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Thaltej Ahmedabad Gujarat

Sparrows would try and come into the house with their nesting material.One morning I drew the window curtain and saw a lone sparrow sleeping in the folds of the curtain, I was quite amused.Normally we never see single sparrows. It would come every night,I did not disturb it till it wanted to stay. There were a lot of sparrows then, but with new development now their number has dwindled considerably.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Santacruz East Mumbai Maharashtra

The nesting, baby cycle is now complete.The female is also now seen. The sparrows come to my window for their feed. I have noticed that there are more male sparrows than female approx.5:1. The male sparrows chirp a lot especially in the mornings,goes on continously they do have some energy.The sparrows are the same I can recognise them , a few new male sparrows I have noticed a few days back.

Kalpana Thakkar - Large school campus Coonoor Tamil Nadu

No sparrows were observed. Ravens and crows were seen in large numbers especially where the students would have outdoor lunch.