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Kalpana Thakkar - Open agricultural land Hathuran Gujarat

The sparrows moved in flocks as this is an undisturbed open area.

Kalpana Thakkar - Countryside Kim Gujarat

Large flocks of birds were observed flying into bushes and country side.

Kalpana Thakkar - A large abandoned shed seen immediately after river Tapi and Surat Kosad Gujarat

The sparrows here moved around freely,as it is an old large shed and undisturebed.

Kalpana Thakkar - Railway station Vapi Station Rd Vapi Gujarat

Near the station the buildings are very close to each other and are multistoreyed. Beyond are few apartments. Nearer the station the sparrows were seen mostly flying into ducts and similar hiding spaces within the buildings.Since the buildings are very close to each they had more spaces to hide. Also seen were bulbuls and squirrels.

Kalpana Thakkar - Plantation areas Gholvad - Umergam Gujarat

The area has large beautiful plantations of chickoo,mango,coconut and casuarina.Sparrows flew in flocks and would disappear into the thick plantation. Other birds observed here were drongo, bee eater and larger egret.