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Kalpana Thakkar - Countryside Sachin Gujarat

The sparrows were observed mostly in flocks.

Kalpana Thakkar - Near village Chanor Pariej Wetland Kheda Gujarat

The sparrows were seen in the evening along with other birds, but flew in their large flocks into the bushes.

Kalpana Thakkar - Kalo Dungar Kutch Gujarat

IN the evening the sparrows would sit on the trees in the temple area sometimes they vanished in flocks into the surrounding bushes. The area is very scenic and beautiful not disturbed too much except for the occassional visitors to the temple. The view from here of the Rann and the surroundings is simply beautiful.

Kalpana Thakkar - residential Old Dhatia Falia Bhuj Gujarat

The house had a large courtyard. There was a wash basin in the courtyard with a mirror. The sparrows would come and peck at the mirror , perhaps their image and in the process injure their beaks. The owners covered the mirror to prevent the birds from injuring their beaks.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Santacruz East Mumbai Maharashtra

The sparrows which are nesting in the kitchen duct have become active. Today I heard faint chirping of the baby sparrows, a welcome addition to their number. The female seen after many days for the first time flew up and down along with the male probably to collect food. She looked a little tired but was quick to get back to her nest.