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Kalpana Thakkar - commercial cum residential area Aundh Pune Maharashtra

Suprisingly I have not seen any sparrows till now. Pigeons are common, so also mynas, fantail, and koel.

Kalpana Thakkar - educational institution area Karve Nagar Pune Maharashtra

Sparrows numbering more than a hundred would every evening chirp very loudly in chorus just after sunset atop the trees mostly tall eucalyptus trees. Their joint chirping was so loud that the traffic noise nearby would not be heard and if one is talking on the phone the person on the other side of the line could hear the sparrows only. This would be repeated in the early morning also just at dawn.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Thaltej Ahmedabad Gujarat

The sparrows share the area with other birds like purple sunbird, purple rumped sunbird, rock pigeon, jungle babblers, common myna, red vented bulbul, Indian robin, ashy prinia and white brown wagtail.They are normally in the back yard where there are more plants and where normally no one would go. Once I went there to photograph them , the male sparrows and other bird sps chirped non-stop together till I moved away but later they got used to my frequent visits. I think the number of sparrows has reduced because the other sps of birds have come in but they are living together. In the nineties, there were more sparrows and less of other sps.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Palace Compound Agartala Tripura

I used to feed the sparrows every morning. Initially ,they were shy - would come and eat only after I went inside, later they would keep chirping even before I woke up and come right into the verandah. I found the mynas more dominating in this area.

Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Santacruz East Mumbai Maharashtra

Presently, the female sparrows are nesting in the kitchen duct. The male sparrows are chirping continously and keeping guard,the females together with their male partners used to come to my window sill for food two weeks back.One female is a little different, used to wait at the window, look at me through the glass, I think she recognised me.I observed their preparation for their nesting - flying from the ground floor and surrounding with their nesting material to above the fourth floor they even used parts of my new broom. Their dedication to this process is just beautiful .They are safe in the duct now,I am eagerly waiting to see them and their babies. There are two regular families, they have smartly shooed the pigeons away from this floor.Besides these, I see at least more than a dozen sparrows in the immediate vicinity