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E.Srikanth - Nagaram Nagaram Andhra Pradesh

I am 30 years old now, when i was at teen age i.e around 15years of age i used to live in Government residential colony spread around 1000 acres of land(Department of Atomic energy colony Ecil Hyderabad.I used to watch thousands of sparrows flying all around......I used to feel happy in watching them making noise i used get lost in my world watching them flying all around but but today i rarely find them in that locality their is a huge decrease in their numbers in this past fifteen years.......6 years back i had shifted to my own house around 6km away from that place here also i started watched sparrows..but found very less numbers around 5 to 15.....wondering around my house.... so i had decided to set a nesting box for these because all trees and bushed have been cut down as ours was a developing summer i keep them water to drink and put grain to feed on...... as i observed that in this past fours years.....more than 20 pairs of new born has taken their first flight from the nest which i provided.....but still i am unsatisfied that i cannot see the increase in their numbers in my surroundings... please suggest what is the better way to increase their numbers.... shortly i will send the photo graphs of the nest which i provided... and the approx count of the sparrows in my locality