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jaya s. parhawk - purkul/bhagwantpur village purkul/bhagwantpur Dehradun Uttarakhand

around our house we have planted fruit and flowering trees. we also have a good-sized vegetable garden where there is a lot of bird activity which we observe every day while having morning tea. the tray being brought is a signal for bulbuls, magpie-robins and sparrows to come for their share of biscuits, tiger biscuits being their brand. since the last couple of years we find sparrows nesting inside the house, especially the dining room which has a corrugated iron roof not flush with the wall so there are plenty of entry points under the eaves. last year there were three nests inside. this year, just as soon as one nest was vacated by a pair and their fledglings, another pair took possession and are now roosting. another pair were determinedly bringing grasses, pine needles and other fibre, bunches of which kept falling to the ground as there nothing but bare square piping that is part of the roof support. finally yesterday i tied up some pieces of thermocol and parts of an egg-tray to form a platform of sorts. the pair held a determined discussion and are now building their nest. let us hope they decide to stay. there are at least two other sparrow nests outside the house, one in the garage shutter and another in the metre box.