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Jayanta Guha - Gangulipukur, Dhakuria, South Kolkata K P Roy Lane, Dhakuria Kolkata West Bengal

One of my colleague has reported me about a large population of house sparrows nearby Bally Station, just 8 Km from Howrah Station.
A little magazine “Amitraxar”, published from Medinipur district of West Bengal has chosen house sparrow as the theme of their recent issue, but I have not been able to collect a copy of it.

I also observe small flocks of house sparrows in my office campus nearby Howrah Station. Although it is 1 of the busiest areas of Bengal, our campus is a good habitat for Indian cuckoo, Blue throated barbet, Coppersmith barbet, Pied sterling, House crow, Common Myna, Hoopoe, Spotted dove, Rose ring parakeet, Black-hooded oriole, white breasted water hen, Pond heron, small egret and White-throated kingfisher. It also provided home to other creatures like Russell’s viper and Rock pigeon but they are not spotted very recently.