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Bhupendra Singh Adhikari - Balrampur House Balrampur House Nainital Uttarakhand

People use to feed HS in the morning time just in front of their houses and that time their number was to high as compared to present day.

Bhupendra Singh Adhikari - Tara Hall Compound, Snow view Mallital Nainital Uttarakhand

Very often I use to see the HS, while going to collage in the entire hillock from higher to lower region (2150-1950m). In the morning time my mother use to feed them uncooked rice and within no time there will be more then 75 HS, females more as compared to males.
Still the same process is going on and the major difference I found is that the feed is being shared by HS, Spotted dove, warblers (which were never seen upto this much of heightearlier), Himalayan whistling thrush and some time grey tit. The number of HS has gone down drastically (less than 30 at a particular place where earlier 75 HS were present).
Similarly, people use to feed at several places like on the roof of their houses and in temples.
There is one temple (Pasan devi) in Nainital near lake on the other side of mall road where I have seen a saint feeding HS and they use to be in his hand and lap more than 150.
However, in higher sides monkeys are creating problem for the HS and not allowing to feed.