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balaganeshan - karur Sengunthapuram Karur Tamil Nadu

In the begining there is no house sparrow in our area.Only after the trees and plants grown they started visiting.Also if we use pesticides for plants we cant see them for 2 to 3 days.So i have stoped using pesticides and started using panchakavyam and neem as an alternative.
During summer i used to water the plants daily so they visit my garden daily.During nesting time they tear the leaves from areaca tree and build a beutiful nest in shoe flower plant.
Usually there will be 2 eggs.after hatching they make interesting noise.the male sparow (i think) will guard the nest sitting some where near the nest and female sparrow will feed the siblings.after 2-3 days they started to practice flying and leave the nest.they regularly come to our home for nesting